Senator Frank Lautenberg's Office doing the right thing...

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I wanted to share with as many people as possible, that Senator Lautenbergs office

is trying to help me out with a really big problem and wanted to let people know

that I want to inform anyone who needs help with Federal related issues and lives

in the State of NJ that an aid and staff are going to try and help me as much as


I wanted to let all of you know that Senator Lautenberg and his staff aren't telling me to get

lost after I wrote such a complaint. I guess I'm lucks folks.

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Senator Frank Lautenberg - Senator Lautenberg's Office told me by Hospital bill would be paid by Medicare and Supplement

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Dear Staff,

An aid to Senator Lautenberg in Camden NJ (Shiielah) told me that both Medicare and

Horizon Blue Shield of New Jersey would pay the majority of my claim but if I had to stay

at Temple University Hospital over night I would have to pay a co-capyment. I didn't

have to stay, but Temply Hospital has refused to refund my $150.00 and this aid to Senator

Frank Lautenberg and Medicare are sticking me with a bill over $1200 I can't pay. I was suppose

to have a second urgently needed surgical procedure next month, but that's not going to happen

now either.

For most of my adult life I build myself and excellent credit rating but since I became disabled. I'm

denied employment services, job opportunities with the Federal Government, and now denied

representation by Senator Frank Lautenberg and his staff while Medicare refuses to pay my hospital


Shielah and the manager of the Camden NJ office can be reached at 856-338-8922. Please ask them

when are they and Medicare going to earn their word? I'm suppose to have another surgical procedure

next month and this isn't going to happen thanks to this Senator and his aid. I Bet Senator Lautenberg isn't

treated this way if he or one of his family members needs to surgery? I bet any of his disabled family members have good jobs too.

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